The following is my unofficial observations and notes regarding the activities around the NSPE fall meeting in Chicago and are not all inclusive.  I hope this is informative as we, NSPE as a whole, is in the midst of some major changes that will lead to a more vibrant Society.  If you have any comments or questions please feel free to contact me.  Please excuse the font changes.

Thursday Meeting - Regional VP meeting

We went over the information needed to present to the states relative to the proposed changes in the governance of NSPE assuming the constitutional changes were accepted.  These include the need for the states to designate a delegate to the House of Delegates.  This person needs to be able to assume office following the Boston meeting July 2006.  The following states within the W&PR will serve a one year term followed by a possible 2 year term - AK, WA OR and HI.  The rest will serve a two year term followed by a possible two year term.  The second term is up to the state.  The House of Delegates will meet once a year at the all member convention typically held in July and set the policies and directions of NSPE, and vote for the officers for the NSPE Board of Directors.  State delegates should be selected by first of March so that NSPE can start sending information.  Currently the only stipulation for the delegate is email with ability to accept attachments, although intimate knowledge of state activities is highly recommended.

Friday Work shop.  Prioritization work shop

The purpose of this workshop is to give some basic direction relative to the Future Direction Task Force recommendations.  Recommendations, including time lines, were worked on by various groups on 8 basic groupings including products and services, licensure and lobbying, governance, continuing education, implementing interest groups, diversity, publicity and alliances.  The groups worked hard on these items to develop the basics.  These will be combined with the results of the work shops done with NSPE staff which occurred before our meeting and SSEC which will occur Monday following our meeting. 

The results of all of these three meetings will be combined and aligned with the FDTF results and with each other to develop a means of getting NSPE to the state centric state recommended.

BOD Meeting

The results of the general membership vote on the Constitutional Amendment allowing the BOD to make changes to the NSPE Constitution were announced with 602 for and 90 against.  The BOD unanimously passed the amendment.  This vote was then followed by adoption by unanimous vote of the new By-Laws.  With the adoption of the new By-Laws a vote was then taken to eliminate the Constitution, which also passed unanimously. This sets into motion the forward movement of NSPE into the future and exciting times.

As a secondary output from the FDTF report was a recommendation for setting up an Academy Task Force, which came back with a recommendation based on the direction of NSPE to focus on the licensed Professional Engineer to not actively pursue the Academy.  There was a fair amount of discussion at the BOD as well as within the task force as to the fundamental desire or need to pursue this issue as a means to involve those non-licensed engineers in an organization serving their needs.  The BOD accepted the recommendations of the task force that NSPE will not be expending funds to establish the Academy.  However, individual members within NSPE and some of the practice divisions have expressed a desire to pursue the issue further.

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