Western Region Breakfast Meeting

Sunday January 20, 2002

7:30 am - 9:30 am

Washington, D.C.

7:30 am Call To Order Zinckgraf

7:35 am Roll Call and Agenda additions/Approval

7:45 am Self-introductions

7:55 am Approval of Minutes of September 29, 2001 Reno Meeting

8:05 am VP Report Zinckgraf

8:20 am Treasurers Report Carducci

8:30 am Election of WR VP-Elect 2002-03 Zinckgraf

8:40 am Budget & Finance McGowan, Werner, Carducci

Budget 2002-03

9:00 am Operating Procedures -budget cycle Werner

See Proposed changes in separate email and as posted on the Western Region Website

9:15 am WR Policies (Adoption by resolution of conclusions of workshop sessions at Regional Meeting in Reno from Sept 28)

NSPE Should:

1. Use zero-based budget. (Theno, Braun, Witcher)

2. Reach out to non-PE's (Nicholes, Briggs, Tanaka)

3. Encourage young engineers to become licensed and NSPE Members. (Vosicka, Fong, Bingham, Hardy)

WR Should:

1. Implement an effective communications plan. (Kramer, et al)

2. Share Executive Services (Lynch, Kinney, Young).

9:25 am Time and Place of next WR Regional Meeting Werner

9:30 am Adjournment Zinckgraf