Next Meeting of the Western Region to be July 2001 in Detroit, Michigan

The next Western Region fall meeting to be September 27-30, 2001 in Reno, Nevada at John Ascuaga's Nugget

Minutes of the Western Region Leadership Council Meeting

February 4, 2001

Anchorage, Alaska

Rich Minetto opened the meeting at 7:32 am.

Attendees: See attached list.

1. Approval of the minutes of the September 23, 2000 meeting approved as written. Motion Rhoads (UT), Second Werner (WA)

2. Approval of the Treasurers report. All states have been billed and paid including WA and HI, but the check from OR bounced. The ending balance of the WR checkbook was $28.28 as of 1/15/01. There was $4,962.01 in income and $4,667.43 in expenses between 1/1/00 and 1/31/01. Motion Grossman (CA), Second Clark (CA)

3. Approval of the Secretary's report. Report of Ron Carducci, "The vote for the WR Governance Model was unanimously approved by vote of the WR delegates."

4. The floor was opened for nominations for the position of VP elect 2001/02.

Ken Walch of Alaska was nominated and declined the honor and cautioned against having "repeaters" and "recycles" serving.

Sam Grossman of California was nominated.

It was decided that the nominations would remain open until March 1, 2001. Nominees must have the written endorsement of their state society and have served as an officer at the state level according to the newly adopted WR Operating Guidelines. Nominees must submit a short bio and reasons for running or goal statement, which will be circulated on the WR listserve. WR Operating Guideline D5 addresses the election process.

The vote for VP elect will start on March 15, 2001 and will be the job of the Secretary/Treasurer Ron Carducci to conduct the balloting and vote counting. This election will take place before the regional meeting in Reno (as an exception to the current guidelines.)

5. The floor was opened for nominations for serving on the NSPE Nominating Committee for 2002. The names of Cliff Ishii from CA and Ken McGowan from WA were forwarded.

6. The issue of the Montana debate on allowing state only members was tabled.

7. The budget for the remainder of the year (Feb. 2001-July 2001) was approved.

Income $4,382


Alaska meeting approved expenses

Minetto $300

Zinckgraf $300

Carducci $700

Hospitality Suite $250

Detroit meeting approved expenses (informal meeting only)

Minetto $300

Zinckgraf $300

Carducci $700

Hospitality Suite $250

Operating Expenses, teleconference, mailings etc.

Kramer - $500

Carducci $200

State Visits

Minetto $200

Zinckgraf $200

Anderson $200

Reno Fall Regional Meeting

Dues Assessment $200 per state income of $2,000

Preparation Costs $1,982

Expected Profit from all events $700

Membership Banner Tiede expense $60

Discretionary funds

Minetto $100

Zinckgraf $100

8. Budget for VP State Visits Requested from NSPE

11 State Visits Zinckgraf Airfare $4,500

11 State Visits Anderson Airfare $4,500

Conference Calls State - Zinckgraf $800 Anderson $800

Conference Calls Region - Zinckgraf/Anderson $800

$11,400 Total budget requested from NSPE

9. The budget for 2001/2002 was approved unanimously. Motion Tiede (WA), Second Rhoads (UT)


Dues $3,616

Assessment $2000

Profit from fall mtg. $800


Washington DC Winter 2002

Zinckgraf $300

Anderson $300

Carducci $700

Hospitality Suite $250

Orlando summer 2002

Zinckgraf $300

Anderson $300

Carducci $700

Hospitality Suite $250

Operating Expenses

Kramer $500

Carducci $200

State Visits

Zinckgraf $0

Anderson $0

To Be Elected $0

Fall 2002 Regional Meeting

Miscellaneous $60

Discretionary Funds

Zinckgraf $100

Anderson $100

10. Discussion of the Fall WR meeting in Reno

Dates: September 27-30, 2001

Location: Reno, Nevada

Hotel: John Ascuaga's Nugget

Room Rate: $96.


Golf Tourney Thursday Sept. 27

Seminars Friday Sept. 28

Electricity Deregulation - 4 pdh's Rich from Nevada

Career Transitions - 4 pdh's Clyde from Hawaii

Regional business meeting 8-5 Saturday Sept. 29

Regional Dinner Lake Tahoe Cruise Saturday Sept. 29

Depart Sunday Sept. 30, 2001.

11. It was decided that there would be an "informal regional meeting" in Detroit.

12. The Regional VP's are to schedule their state visits before July 1, 2001.

13. Discussion regarding the use of the NSPE logo and insignia by licensed and non-licensed members who are graduate engineers.

Straw vote: a. to keep with the status quo 10, b. against status quo 10, c. use logo only not initials 4.

14. There was a discussion on the NSPE Image Campaign as currently presented. Some felt that the spending level should be reduced. Others felt that there was insufficient time, money and people available at the State level to make the image campaign a success.

14. It was announced that the Montana Society won the banner contest by maintaining their membership over the year. There was a discussion regarding the regional membership contest. In the future, there must be an increase in membership to win the banner. Approved by a unanimous vote. Motion Rhoads (UT), Second Clark (CA).

Ron is to contact the Guam Society for the banner and have it sent to Marti who would then foreword it on the Montana representative.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:15 am.

Respectfully Submitted,

Ronald F. Carducci, P.E.


NSPE Western Region Leadership Council



FEBRUARY 4, 2001

Name Society Part Votes



Curtis Beck, P.E. Hawaii 1

John Bennion, P.E., DEE Idaho 2

Forest Braun, P. E. Alaska 1

Jim Buffa, P.E. Nevada 1

Ron Carducci, P.E. California 1

Don Clark, P.E. California 3

John Featherly, P.E. Oregon 2

Dave Gibson, P.E. Montana 2

Sam Grossman, P.E. California 3

Dick Guthrie, P.E., R.LS. Arizona 3

Ron Hansen, P.E. Alaska

Marti Kramer, CEO, CSPE California

Rich Minetto, P.E. Nevada Chairman

Joann Mitchell, P.E. Alaska 1

Joe Rhoads, P.E. Utah 2

Al Stilley Nevada 1

Kirk Tanaka, P.E. Hawaii 1

Steve Theno, P.E. Alaska

Milt Tiede, P.E. Washington 1

Ken Walch, P.E. Alaska

Alan Werner, P.E. Washington 2

George Zinckgraf, P.E.California1

Total Votes Present 28 +


counted in Quorum Call

Comments by Rich Minetto, VP 4/1/01:

First, the adjournment time is incorrect (9:15 am??)
Second, we also approved $300 for George, myself, and Grant for the Orlando Board Meeting. Note that Grant did not attend, and based on the costs of the hotel alone, we should up George and myself to $450 of reimbursement. Note again that this will not cover the expenses of this trip even with NSPE reimbursement. Add the section on the board meeting for Orlando (the only one prior to next year's budget)