Minutes of the Western Region Leadership Council Meeting

Washington, D.C.

January 20, 2002

1. George Zinckgraf, P. E., Sr. NSPE Western Region Vice-President, called the meeting to order at 7:42 a.m. by welcoming all in attendance.

2. Secretary Carducci called the roll and declared a quorum. (See Attendance sheet attached.)

3. There were self-introductions of all in attendance.

4. MINUTES. The minutes of the September 29, 2001 meeting in Reno, NV were approved as submitted.

5. Chairman's Report. VP Zinckgraf reported that at the November NSPE Board Meeting, NSPE voted to rejoin AAES. He has appointed Carl Oberg from Arizona to be the Young Member Advisory Council representative from the Western Region in accordance with the procedure set up at the Reno Meeting last September. He visited California and Hawaii in November.

6. VP Alan Werner Report. He has planned to visit three states, Alaska in March, Idaho in May and Hawaii in June. He has set the next Annual Western Region meeting to be September 28 & 29, 2002 at the Red Lion in Portland, OR. There will be a business meeting, an education program and some sightseeing.

7. Financial Reports

a. F. Y. 2001-2002. The financial report was accepted as submitted.

b. Discussion about having a Western Region Hospitality Room at the Orlando Meeting. A motion that the NSPE Western Region participate with PEC in a hospitality room at the Orlando Meeting. A split in costs will be limited to an amount not to exceed $450 from the Western Region. PEC will set up the room and maintain communications with the Western Region.

8. Visit to meting by Annette Petrick, NSPE Membership Consultant, Bill Gee, Chair of NSPE Membership Task Force and Rod Bergeron, NSPE Staff.

9. Visit to meeting by Dan Clinton, Howard Blitman & Pat Natale. The 2003 Winter Meeting will be on January 9 & 10 in San Francisco at the Marriott on Nob Hill.

10. Election

a. Nominations were opened for the special election to fill the office of WR Vice-President Elect 2003-2003. Eric Yamashige, P.E., L.S. was nominated. The Hawaii Society sent a letter of nomination supporting Eric. This nomination was found to be in order. No further nominations were received. By a unanimous vote, Eric Yamashige, P.E., L.S. is elected as NSPE WR VP Elect for the term 2002-2003. Mr. Yamashige will take office at the winter meeting in Orlando.

11. Discussion of draft of proposed changes to the Operating Procedures

a. It was recommended that:

1. The reference to 1 in the third paragraph of proposed section G "STATE SOCIETY DUES be changed to G.1,

2. The number designation of the last paragraph of section G be change from 4 to 5,

3. That the letter designation of the last section "MODIFICATION OF REGIONAL OPERATING PROCEDURES" be changed form H to I.,

4. Section H.3.b is changed to read as follows "April 1 - The Senior Vice President and the Secretary/Treasurer together with the Junior Vice President shall review the draft budget and create a proposed budget".

The proposer accepted these recommendations as friendly changes to the draft.

b. The Secretary/Treasurer will submit the proposed changes to the members of the Western Region Leadership Council for a formal vote in time to get on the National Agenda in July for their approval.

c. It was moved that The Western Region operate under the draft changes to the Operating Procedures proposed at this meeting until they are formally approved.

12. Western Region Policies

a. Sam Grossman - San suggested that the Western Region consider action to become a more cohesive group of states. He recommends that over the next few months, the all the states think about how the Western Region could be more influential in NSPE through their participation as part of the Western Region. For instance, he feels that a more centralized Western Region staff could reduce the administrative burden on the individual states. The membership of the Western Region needs to develop a relationship of trust that will allow for a visioning process to develop future plans by consensus action. The Western Region needs to reconsider its role in NSPE in light of the emerging role of the reorganized NSPE Board of Directors. He is asking for time at the next two meetings to begin a two-year process that will consider and discuss the role of the Western Region in NSPE and formulate our plans for the future. There will be an informal Western Region brainstorming session in Orlando to develop ideas for the reorganization of the Western Region. Alan Werner and Sam Grossman will set the meeting format.

b. After some discussion, the committees formed in Reno to present ideas on what NSPE should do and what WR should do were asked to prepare a clean statement of objectives for the informal meeting in Orlando.

13. Wyoming Resolution - It asks NSPE for financial assistance for presidents and presidents-elect from small state (less than 500 members) to attend the Consensus congress and Presidents-elect training sessions and for staff assistance to help with developing leadership training at the state level, completing NSPE mandated activities and preparation of strategic plans. Alan Werner led a discussion on the pros and cons of the resolution. Several straw votes were taken to give The VP's a sense of the group.


a. 2002 WR Annual Meeting. The next annual meeting of the Western Region will be held September 28 & 29, 2002 at the Red Lion in Portland Oregon.

b. 2002 NSPE Annual Meeting. This meeting will be held in July 2002 in Orlando, FL. There will only be an informal WR meeting on Sunday morning July 14, 2002 from 8:00 am to 10:00 am at the 2002 NSPE Annual Meeting in Orlando, FL. It is called NSPE Regional Roundtable (W) on the Governance Schedule.

15. It was moved for adjournment. The meeting was adjourned at 9:35 am.

Respectfully Submitted:

Ronald F. Carducci, P.E.


NSPE Western Region Leadership Council