1998 Western Region Meeting - Maui
National Society of Professional Engineers
Sept. 03, 1998

Welcome and Intro - Jim Szatkowski
Silar, Walch, Waugh, Minetto, Killcullen, Bechaump
29 attendees total

Notes - Tulsa:
Approved as distributed via email

Membership Challenge
Winner = Guam; Next = Wash.

Notes - Sun Valley Minutes approved in Tulsa
Distributed by Email. Comments earlier.

Move Prac Divs & States to end.

NSPE Nom. Comm. Rep.
Tim McGowan, WA
Next = Oregon, Jim Stohr

NSPE Strategic Planning Initiative - Bob Sylar
Survey Priorities
Member Records - 1 (four pilot states)
Member Recruit & Retention - 2
Communication - 3
Bob's communication. Pref. Communication: Face to Face, Phone,
Fax, Email or Letter.
Strategic Planning: David Waugh lead on SDTF
Have not heard from AK, UT, AZ, HI on survey. New copies of
forms given to these states. AK submitted at end of meeting.
Described Strategic Plan process and strategy. Draft plan by Jan.
Must market NSPE. Must "Add Value"..
Risks must be taken, and changes made. Funds are part of issues.
$7m equity in bldg., $900k reserves. Organization can go
bankrupt with equity, and all funds go to charity. May have a
couple of years of deficit funding to make investment in future to
assure that society will be here.

Cliff Ishii CA - Saw more unity in BOD at Tulsa as to what our
problems are. Probably will not have a consensus (where everyone
is equally uncomfortable). Tulsa was approved by cross- section
of ages, with several new, younger. Total thrust must focus of on
target of youth, including those not yet in Univ. or yet practicing.
Not to meet the needs of most of the current members. In Calif.
fewer than 10% are Chapt. meeting attenders, and other states
show that Chapt. geog. Idea is dead. Moving to virtual group

Ken Walch NSPE - SDTF was to be a Vision for NSPE.
Recommendations (first 6) is being followed thru. Portion of
strategic plan implementation is in the 7th recommendation.
Strategic Plan is separate, more complete, more specific. Concept
of tight connection between SDTF & Strategic Plan is a

Nigel Mends MT - we have still not figured out "what the
profession wants", including many of whom are not members.
Dave W. - budget includes funds for hiring marketing consultants.
Sylar NSPE - Remember Hilo meeting 7/93 that reaffirmed NSPE
focus is Pes only, and that is what all have effort has been directed

State reports

Maynard AK - Schedule. DW /LS - Draft first week of Dec.
Aecium mtg. 2nd week.

Beck HI - Recruitment methods. Discussion of NSPE strategy
matrix being developed.
Beauchamp NSPE WR HI - SDTF report. Paper summarizing
report. One recommendation is very strong, that is if NSPE wants
to be a player in the engineering world we must play with the
organizations who are there. This means rejoining AAES, or
becoming a "unnamed member society organization [lying] on top
of NSPE. The full concept is blurred in the report. [ATTACH
BILLS PAPER when copy provided].

NSPE Governance & Cost - Walch NSPE Past Pres.
Ken's memo Email - WR forum the most
successful, with some discussion. NSPE Member Forum has not
been used as much. Ken would like to move WR members to
NSPE forum & delete WR. Ok.
BOD - need to reduce size, and have this group who are interested
in national activities focus on these. Est 200 "hard core", and
another 500 interested in national issues. Discussion on how small
states continue to have input. PED "model" of task forces vs
governance is close to Ken's concept. Much discussion. Task
group to develop proposal.
MOTION Summers/Mends - Western Region Resolution that
NSPE Governing Bodies be changed to two, a Board of Directors
and a General Congress:
BOD be comprised of 17 members elected for the purpose of
business policy and governance, with programmatic issues to be
managed by a General Congress of the membership:
BOD comprised of 17 members:
Purpose: Governance (Managing the business of
running NSPE)
Structure: Regional Vice Presidents (six), elected
by the general membership of their respective individual Regions;
Past President, President, President Elect, Treasurer; all four
elected in the same manner as current practice
Representative from each Practice Division (five), each elected
by his or her respective practice division general membership.
National Executive Director and the State Society Executive
Committee Representative as ex-officio, non-voting members.
The BOD can act only on initiatives passed by the General
Congress. It can not initiate actions on its own, other than through
introduction to and passage by the General Congress.
The BOD bears fiduciary responsibility for the entire organization.

General Congress Comprised of General Membership:
Function & membership to be defined by Strategic Planning
Process. Receives, reviews, and processes programs from among
the membership proposals.

Clarified list of Proposed Board of Directors constituents:
BOD President 1
Pres. Elect. 1
Treasurer 1
Regional Vice Presidents 6
Practice Division Vps 5
Exec. Director 1
SSEC Rep. 1
Past President 1
Total 17
VOTE: Pass

Motion: Ishii/Beauchamp
Present previous motion to other Regions as a Straw Man.
VOTE: Pass

Floyd Summers issues on agenda:

NSPE Pres. Elect - Christine Sloat write-in, and out years? Item 1:
Christine Sloat, CRVP, was running for Natl Pres-Elect. CA
supported her candidacy. Floyd Summers talked the issue. Al
Miller, was nominated by the committee. Christine appears to be a
more viable candidate for change. Several people talked about
Christine's abilities and also about Al's abilities. Bob Silar talked
about some of the feedback from the Nominating Committee and
urged the group to consider supporting her for next year vs a write-
in this year. He felt that the possibility of us hurting her chances
for future election by supporting a write-in candidacy. FS
withdrew issue from consideration.
WR Sponsor Prof. Dev. @ Atlanta 1/99 and Spokane 7/99
Item 3: Floyd Summers talked about the Glass Ceiling/other issues
at Atlanta and Spokane meetings. Discrimination occurs in
Government and Private Practice alike. Problems still occur in the
workplace. Bob Silar talked about the seminar program,
reminding us that the seminars were included within the
registration fee charged by Natl, so the cost wasn't extra (except
for one that was done last year at an extra cost). Floyd tried to
solicited support for getting volunteers to put on the seminars from
the WR states. A general consensus was reached by the Western
Region that Bob Silar direct staff to make the video available to
PBS and have them distribute it with a byline crediting NSPE and
stating that the video is available for purchase from us if desired
on the end of the distributed video master copy. Bob agreed to
direct that.
A discussion of trying to facilitate or present a seminar on this
issue. Bob discussed the schedule of the Atlanta meeting, after
comments from Rich Minetto on . So direction was to work
toward Spokane meeting. Leaders' Forum is the 28,29, 30-31Jan
98 and 1 Feb 98. Practice Divisions the and second day, the 30-31
is the Board meeting and the 1st of Feb the Exec Comm Mtg.

Item 4: Other Items from Tulsa

Item 5: Virtual Chapter discussion by Floyd. They are doing this
for members at large and for students. HI and others have asked to
'hook in' to the Student Chapter. Discussion on what is involved
was prompted by question from Joanne Mitchell.

Resolution DeShazer/Novacek: NSPE aggressively promote the
development of student chapters at colleges and universities with
engineering programs, to include accredited or non-accredited
ABET programs, and 2- or 4-year programs.
VOTE: pass

State contacts for student programs are: AK Collin Maynard; AZ
Brad Novacek (ASU), Dick Guthrie (UA); CA Floyd Summers;
GU Jess Lizama; HI Eric Yamashige; ID Jim DeShazer; MT Nigel
Mends; NV Rich Minetto; OR Ron Polvi; WA Jim Fuller.
World Federation of Engineering Organizations & Federation of
Engineering Institutions of Southeast Asia and the Pacific.
FEISAP - Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, Hong
Kong, US, Philippines, Other. ASME is official U.S. Rep, but has
not been at meetings. Agenda is similar to NSPE goals. WFEO -
ASCE is official U.S. Rep, have done good job (Bill Carroll).
Strong ASCE agenda. Authorized by NSPE, but "keep a low

Kwalch - NSPE one of three organizations in USCIEP. One of
these is NAFTA Mutual Recognition Documents. NSPE pursued
UPADE separately and is not the official US representative; NSPE
has assigned to Puerto Rico.

Beauchamp - Recommends associate member level for a year, to
see what commitment is. K Walch & Bob Sylar comments about
objectives & things to keep in mind during trial period. Ok to
represent NSPE, and prepare report to NSPE ExCom.

Motion - Mends/Kilkullen - WR Authorize Bechaump to
represent, Fund $150 expenses & membership, and Bechaump to
prepare a recommendation for WR and NSPE
ExCom January 1999 meetings. Passed.

Reports of Practice Divisions
PEC J Rhodes - PEC governance model by small group,
eliminate BOG and use task forces for issues. Home page,
logos. Intro training for new, young people in construction.
PEE none
PEG none - Mark Van Hala retired from City of Yuma
PEI Minetto - Setting up web page and selling space. PD
workshops at Tulsa PEPP none
General Bsilars reported very favorable feedback from Pds
on integrated ET PD section.

Reports of States
AK C Maynard - Strategic Plan adopted, included
AZ B Novacek - Membership burnout, active in eastern. Officer
time competition with tech. Societies. Communication among
chapters better, and focusing on new member recruitment.
Economy good, gov't spending and residential development.
Mining down, timber dead, high tech adversed by Asia
economy. Registration & legis. Activity.
CA C Ishii. Students; new Articles of Incorporation in vote by
members; BORPE&LS sunset legislation coming up, will have
multi-assoc. workshop. Prop. 224 defeated (State contracting
out). Joining with other societies in a legislative council.
GU J Lizama - Licensing law changed, non-resident firms need a
local resident. Membership increased by promoting NSPE
services (insurance). Focus on young engineers.
HI B Witcher - Four active chapters (Kona, Big Island, Maui
(host WR mtg), Honolulu. Issues with architects in legis.
Supported regis. board continuance v sunset. Anything legal in
law if not prohibited. Procurement. Economy way down due to
ID J Canning - QBS venture with ACEC & AIA on road show for
Cities & Counties. CPD will be implemented by Regis Board this
year; engrs 50/05, surveyors 90/10 but minority is most vocal.
Spotlight on Ed Turner, City Engr. Idaho Falls, suing for wrongful
discharge v unemployment compensation. Supported by NSPE
legal council.
MT N Mends - Few % members active. Butte Chapt. folded.
2.5% membership growth. Legislature set up investigator for
licensing board. Two members on Board, Nigel is one. State
engrs. salaries very low. Economy constrained (nearly shut down
mining & logging) by environmentalists transplanted from CA.
Tourism up, very low salaries. Students not very active,
MATHCOUNTS good with 76 schools. Committees of Board to
define fire, wastewater, water treatment engineering
NV R Minetto - Growth in Las Vegas so fast engr. enforcement
impossible; 6000 people/mo. Calif. Indian gaming being
watched. Strong student programs, $10,000 endowment fund
recognizing George Bryzandene.
OR J Stohr - Six operation chapters, 450 members. Economics
stable. Asia has caused hold on projects. Nike has support
layoffs, Intel layoffs, IDC (CH2M Hill) layoff 300 (URS
Greiner picked up some & transferred to San Francisco). House
numbers & prices up. PEO input on OSBEE CPD program
development, similar to NV. Invited Japanese membership
from OR licensees. MATHCOUNTS & Eweek very successful.
Ed Foundation scholarships $20- 30/year, plus scholarships for
HS seniors. R Polvi - Mid Willamette Chapt. EWeek &
MATHCOUNTS very good. PEO retreat discussion on
Strategic Plan; consensus were to 1) remain PE focused; 2) respect
and support students & associates;
UT Tom McNamee - Mentoring at three univ's. License
enforcement by employees checking on boss' credentials on
web. QBS promotion with other societies. $1.6b design/build
on I-15.
WA J Fuller - Spokane to host NSPE Ann. mtg. 7/99. Regis.
Board uses adjunct judges on hearing some complaints; has
Retired status $0, reactivate fee if resume practice. No CPD.
Joint state meetings with OR & ID. Sharing Exec. Dir. with OR
(Dena Nelson, Colleen Uhl retired). Adjunct discussions on
ethics & professionalism at colleges.

Item 7. Utah SPE Resolution Joe Rhodes - Travel reimb.

Motion - Rhoads/ Hansen
Utah Resolution

VOTE: Pass

WR budget & Dues

Motion - Mends/Rhoads
Increase WR Dues to 75 cents per member, approx
$2400/yr Vote: Pass

Walch/Szatkowski - Resolution of Thanks to Maui Chapt. (Eric
Yamishige and Annette Maielua & Bruce Witcher & all Maui
Chapter and HiSPE committee members & Guam Society)
Vote: Unanimous
Resolution of thanks to the Hotel
Vote : Unanimous

Next Meetings:
NSPE Reps. January 28 - Feb 1, 1999 Atlanta
NSPE Annual Meeting in July, 1999, Spokane
Regional Meeting Late Sept 1999, Arizona

Adjourn 4:45 pm
Respectfully submitted,
Floyd R. Summers, PE
Calif. Society of Professional Engineers
National Director
(edited by Jim Szatkowski)
Comment included from Nigel Mends 10/21/98 - jls


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