1999 Western Region Meeting - Phoenix
National Society of Professional Engineers
Sept 26 1999

Meeting chaired by Rich Minetto - Western Region VP
Meeting notes by: Eric Yamashige/Steve Walker
Meeting started at 8:10 AM, adjourned at 5:00 PM

An agenda and roster was circulated (attached).

Grant Anderson (Arizona) moved that a hospitality suite for $500 be approved for the January 2000 NSPE Board meeting located in Washington DC and the July Annual meeting in Virginia, seconded by Bruce Witcher (Hawaii). Passed unanimously.

The Western Region budget was circulated by Rich Minetto (Nevada) - Western Region VP. The budget is attached. Moved, seconded, and carried unanimously.

Dues are $0.70 per member per state. Some states are paid up, some are in arrears. The status of payments is attached.

Nigel Mends (Montana) nominated to the NSPE nomination committee at the Spokane meeting. Although Nigel did not attend this meeting, Cliff Ishii (California) assured Nigel�s commitment.

Moved by Joe Canning (Idaho) to accept the Hawaii minutes as corrected to note dues increase from $.50 per member to $.70 (dues go directly to Western Region), Bruce Witcher (Hawaii) seconded. Passed unanimously.

Award for membership went to Alaska, chaired by Milt Tiede (Washington) - presented by Rich Minetto - Western Region VP. Alaska up 16 members (5.9% increase).

Next Western Region meeting will be in Montana next fall. Joe Canning (Idaho) moved to have meeting in Montana, seconded by Steve Walker (Idaho). Next state should Montana decline will be Utah. Moved by Lyle Bingham (Washington) seconded by Forrest Braum (Alaska). Passed unanimously.

Nomination for 2001-2003 W. Region Vice President - Idaho is next in the rotation schedule. Joe Canning (Idaho) moved Steve Walker be nominated, seconded by Mike Street (Hawaii). Passed unanimously. Note: Steve Walker will be the National Director for Idaho during this period. The bylaws do not allow serving in both capacities, however, proposed changes by NSPE may eliminate the State National Director.

Western Region Practice Division Chairs in attendance: PEI - Clyde Nagata (Hawaii), PEC - Joe Rhoads (Utah).

Clyde Nagata (Hawaii-PEI W. Region Vice-Chair) gave a presentation on PEI activities (attached). Clyde�s goals include:

PEC commented that design is to limiting to qualify for licensure, need to allow those with a construction background to take exam. New Jersey has a pilot program to assist applicants to prepare application for exam.

Rob Emery (Tennessee) and Christine Sloat (Wisconsin) gave a presentation on the NSPE PEI New Product Award. For the period 1996-1999, of the 70 entries received, only 8 were submitted by the Western Region. Only Washington and California have submitted. Program builds community, industry, and agency relations.

Moved by Charlie Vaughn (Nevada) for Joe Rhoads (Utah), seconded by Bill Pease (Oregon) the following:
Dues assessment of $200 per state for each state of the Western Region for operation and administration. This assessment will be a credit towards state participation at the Western Region Meeting. (The intent of this motion is to provide seed money to the state hosting the Western Region meeting.)
Moved by Suzanne Leckband (Arizona) to table motion, seconded by Joanne Mitchell (Alaska)
Moved to remove from table by Grant Anderson (Arizona) and Bill Pease (Oregon), original motion passed unanimously.

Western Region Representation Break Out Results

Consensus Congress Break Out Results

Motion by Bill Pease, Second by Joe Rhoads to thank the Arizona Chapter for hosting the W. Region meeting. Western Region VP to write thank-you letter. Passed unanimously.

Meeting adjourned.

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