NSPE Western Regional Meeting
Strategic Planning Session
September 25, 1997

Group I: Future Challenges
  • Priority Items -
    Engineer Title and Public Image
    Political Education - Lobbying
    Self Governing Licensing Boards
    Population: Ethnic and Sex (Diversity)
    Economic Opportunities (Boeing - Electronics Where are the jobs?)
    Technology - Are we keeping up? Are we too dependent?
  • Other issues:
    Members from high density/populated areas (higher compensation)
    Global Opportunities
    Virtual University Education (ABET Qualified?)
    Ethics Education
    Reduced Membership, a result of changing society values
    Budget for involvement in organization
    Future of licensure
    Licensed requirement for engineering educators
    Promote interest in engineering as a profession
    Political "control" of engineering practice
    Industry Exemption

    "No professional pride because there is no money"

    Group 2: Member Expectations

    1. Improve image - individual - engineering profession
    2. Networking
    3. Education: Youth, CPD, Scholarship, Univ Curriculum, Professional school operated by
    4. Licensure requirements and Standards - Supervised Internship
    5. NSPE be an advocate (of what....)

    Other issues:
    Legislative and Government Affairs
    Professional Development
    Education ->Youth
    Image and Market
    Member Services

    Inter-Society on State Legislation
    NSPE Asst on State Legislation
    NSPE on Federal Legislation
    NSPE on International Practice
    NSPE on Uniform Licensure/Licensing

    CPD,E, C
    Title Protection
    Registration of Industry Engineers
    Opportunity to "Pay Back" to Society
    Volunteer Education/Youth
    Delete Industry Exemption
    Industry CEO/Engrg School Deans Collaboration
    Interact with Founder Societies
    Job BBS
    Communication of NSPE Products and Services

    Group Three: NSPE's Role

    I. Professional Relations
    International/Domestic Practice issues

    II. Public Relations
    Other organizations, technical, trade
    General Public
    Engineers' Self Esteem
    Standard Setting

    III. L&GA
    Federal Agencies
    Support State Efforts

    IV. Communicate
    State (2 way)

    Group IV: Western Region's Role

    Priority Items:
    Leadership Development
    Trends in Region
    Regional View of Natl Policies
    Promote Regional Programs to NSPE level
    Training Opportunities (like now)
    Follow the BC or Del model for licensing PE's
    Develop good ideas to present to NSPE
    Coord Western Region of GA efforts
    Track regionally developed ideas
    Practice divisions need better focus
    Stimulate use of modern forms of communication inside the region

    other issues:
    support regional goals at national level
    Web site in all states and Guam by end of 1998 & Western Regional Site
    selection process for Regional VP
    Work outside the box!
    Attempt to coordinate goals of membership
    membership promotion
    concentrate on regional goals
    more affordable meetings


    Is to share, develop, communicate, and promote commonly held
    ideas of practice in the engineering profession in the Western Region
    and track and report Western Region accomplishments to members.

    Recommendations/Action Items:

    N,S Create an effective membership drive
    S Send your officers to Western Regional Meetings
    S Get more involved in public policy issues
    N,S Promote self-governing State Boards
    S Model Licensure Law
    S Increase Participation to Colleges/Universities on Prof Practice & Ethics
    N Develop system to assist State Legislative Efforts
    N,S Enhance Image

    N=>NSPE for actions
    S=>State Associations for actions

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